Floating Pumps

  Two pump units providing water to different areasCornell Pump floated on 4 pontoons
                  Shown Above:
                  Application using two pump units
                  providing water to different areas

Efficient - No Suction Lift
No Priming
No Suction Lines
Intake Screen Backflushes When Pump is Shut Off
No Draining Pump in Winter
Pump Wastewater or Fresh Water.
Galvanized Frame and Weather Hood are Standard
Winch Tilts Pump for Service
Remote or Automatic Starts are Possible
Water Intake Approximately 1' Below Surface

Float frames may be palletized and shipped anywhere by motor freight.  Easy bolt together assembly with instructions make a pump provided by us or you a simple mounting procedure.

We design our floating units using Cornell pumps, the industry's leader in the manufacture of heavy duty, low maintenance pumps.

Black, commercial series pontoons are constructed of UV-resistant polyethylene - 3/16" wall - and are foam filled.

As always, our equipment is backed by service after the sale.

These units meet the need for simplicity and efficiency of operation as growers strive to minimize expenses.

They are effective in a wastewater application and are used extensively in dairy lagoons in this area as well as freshwater projects.

Not for use in swimming areas.

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