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Mini Center Pivots

Labor free operation
Accurate water application - no waste
Improved crop yield
Low pressure & power required
Simple to install, operate & maintain


Greenfield center pointEven though your acreage may be small, you can have the same benefits as larger center pivots.  Managing labor, water and energy resources has to be the major priority for farm operators today.  A Greenfield center pivot irrigation system provides an efficient method of applying water when and where you need it.  The 3 1/2" O.D. pipe designed with custom-ordered sprinkler packages delivers the GPM necessary to increase your productivity and maximize your bottom line.  The Model 898's structure is fully hot dipped galvanized to provide long lasting protection against corrosion.


Solar Panel OptionLow power consumption is a real factor in helping you control costs.  Ordinary single-phase power is all that is required.  Choices of input voltage of 480 VAC, 240 VAC or 120 VAC are available depending on available power source.  A small generator set or solar options, along with deep cycle batteries, provide you with economical alternatives when other methods are not available or are too cost prohibitive to consider.

Optional Spans and Overhangs

Mini-Pivoting Lateral

Minimum labor for irrigating up to 80 acres
Substantial power and water savings
Minimal wheel tracking
Efficient and uniform water application over entire crop area
Irrigates rectangular fields with no dry corners or unproductive areas
Totally hot dip galvanized structure
Suitable for a wide range of crops and soil types

Greenfield Lateral

Lateral Move OperationOperation................................

The system follows a ground level guidance line while pulling its own water feed hose.  At the end of the field the entire sprayline is pivoted through 180 degrees around the feed cart, stopping automatically in line for the reverse watering run on the opposite side of the lane way.  This gives an average six span system an effective coverage width of 1,360 feet while using the same hydrants for both runs.  Overal length of the watered area is only restricted by the time necessary for the watering cycle.

System Specifications ......................

 - Available in one to six spans ( system lengths from    100 to 660 feet ) plus 10 or 20 foot overhang
 - Minimum crop clearance six feet
 - 330' x 3.5" feed hose allows run lengths between hydrants and hose changes of 600 feet
 - Low voltage electric drive, powered by a small on-board gasoline or diesel generator set
 - Four wheel drive hose pull cart
 - Exclusive guidance system
 - End of run pivot function for double strip watering on either side of prepared runway
 - All components are easy to handle, assemble and transport by normal delivery vehicle
 - A small crane or lifting device is required for final assembly

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