About Us
Before we introduce you to our irrigation products, first let us acquaint you with De Leon Irrigation Supply, Inc. De Leon Irrigation Supply is a retail irrigation equipment dealership that had its beginnings in 1965. A.J. Stewart first began the business by having a personal need for the equipment, then selling irrigation pipe and siderolls from his farm. Since that time we've outgrown two business locations, arriving at our present location in 1976. Now we handle not only aluminum pipe but also PVC pipe, pivots, centrifugal diesel and electric pumps, hard hose reels and drip equipment. We also handle parts, fittings and accessories for most major brands of equipment. Our list of suppliers has grown to over one hundred. Sales, service and installation of irrigation equipment is our only business.

In 46 years of the irrigation business we've seen a lot of new products come and go, but we've seen several good ones that stayed around for many years. This is the kind of product we want to sell - one that does the job it's intended to do and does it efficiently and for a fair price. Keep in mind that this is just a small fraction of our inventory and that the prices are not included. Call for quotes on any of the products.  

We appreciate your looking through our site, and look forward to doing business with  you.

Mike Stewart
Owner - De Leon Irrigation Supply, Inc.

Take Hwy 16 exit ( mile marker 361) off of I-20.
We are located in De Leon, which is in the heart of Texas. Our building is on the south side of the intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 16. We are 25 miles West of Stephenville, 40 miles Northwest of Brownwood, and approximately 90 miles from Waco, Fort Worth and Abilene.