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Zimmatic Center Pivots, Greenfield Mini Pivots, Cornell and Berkeley Pumps, Kifco Hose Reels, Drip Irrigation, PVC and Aluminum Pipe Sales and Installation, John Deere and Yanmar Diesel Engines, Agri-Inject Injection Systems, Floating Pumps, New and Used Sideroll Wheel line Systems, New and Used Aluminum Pipe and Fittings, Custom Galvanizing and Fitting Fabrication


We offer hazard insurance on irrigation equipment.

Located at the Intersection of Hwy 6 & 16 in De Leon, Texas, we are a full service irrigation dealership with experienced sales and service personnel in all types of irrigation, including dairy wastewater distribution, city parks, polo fields, horse arenas, football fields, turfgrass, hay production and most other agricultural applications.

We ship parts:  UPS, FedEx, USPS or motor freight

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De Leon Irrigation Supply, Inc.
4443 State Highway 6
Intersection Hwy 6 & 16
De Leon, Texas  76444
Ph:  1-800-658-6960  or 1-254-893-2123
Fax:  1-254-893-5364

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